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I am an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) at the University of Birmingham. Previously, I completed my doctorate in political theory at the University of Oxford, supported by an Examination Fellowship at All Souls College. I also taught undergraduates as a stipendiary lecturer in politics at the Queen's College, Oxford. 


My research sits at the intersection of radical Black Atlantic political thought and Critical Theory, including that of the German Frankfurt School, French poststructuralism, and the British Birmingham School of Cultural Studies. I am currently working on a book project focused on Frantz Fanon's sociogenic approach to antiracist critique. Drawing in part on my doctoral thesis, the book reconstructs Fanon as a critical theorist of racialized praxis. I show that his work brings together two moments — a negativist concern for demystifying the “racial given” to reveal the workings of domination, violence, and unfreedom and a pragmatic investment in the modes of emancipatory action required to overcome racial and (neo)colonial oppression. The book then demonstrates that Fanon's sociogenesis corrects for common analytical mistakes that surface in political theories of race and racism. 

I have also written on racism and ideology critique, the politics of Whiteness in the U.S., and biopolitical strategies of population control in Troubles' Northern Ireland. More broadly, I am interested in anticolonial thought, feminisms, critical social theory, continental philosophies of self and Other, and critiques of the carceral state.

Before heading to Oxford for my doctorate, I completed my MA in moral, legal and political philosophy at the Queen's University - Belfast and my BA in Cultural Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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