I am currently a stipendiary lecturer in politics at the Queen's College, Oxford. I oversee tutorials in political theory for the college's PPE undergraduates. I've helped to lecture on the department's 'Political Thought from Bentham to Weber' course, and I designed and taught an elective summer seminar on prison abolition and the carceral state for interested Politics undergraduates at Queen's. Previously, I also ran tutorials and supervised students from other Oxford colleges.


  • Introduction to the Theory of Politics (Prelims - PPE)

  • Theory of Politics (PPE - Politics 203 - Philosophy 114)

  • Political Thought: Bentham to Weber (PPE - Politics 216)

  • Marx and Marxism (PPE - Politics 217)

  • Political Sociology (PPE - Politics 220)

  • Feminism and Political Thought (self-designed tutorial course for visiting undergraduates)

  • Racism, the Carceral State, and Prison Abolition (elective summer course for Queen's undergraduates)


I have supervised three undergraduate honors thesis projects at Oxford, one in politics and two in philosophy.