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I teach political theory at the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham. Previously, I was a stipendiary lecturer in politics at the Queen's College, Oxford, where I ran undergraduate tutorials in political theory. In summer 2020, I designed and taught an elective summer seminar on prison abolition and the carceral state. This year, I'll be lecturing on 'History of Political Ideas' and 'Postcolonial Britain: Race, Identity, and Belonging.' 



  • History of Political Ideas: Power, Revolution, and the State 

  • Postcolonial Britain: Race, Identity, and Belonging


  • Introduction to the Theory of Politics 

  • Theory of Politics 

  • Political Thought: Bentham to Weber 

  • Marx and Marxism 

  • Political Sociology 

  • Feminist Theory

  • Critical Theory  

  • Racism, the Carceral State, and Prison Abolition (elective summer course for Queen's undergraduates)


I am happy to supervise research projects on political theories of racism and racialization, radical Black Atlantic thought, and Critical Theory.

I have previously supervised three undergraduate honors thesis projects at Oxford, one in politics and two in philosophy. 

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